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March 2015

We are in the midst of our Lenten season which journeys us 40 days to the empty cross of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Use these 40 days to abstain from spiritual sloth and add one or more spiritual disicplines to your plate and see your light shine brighter for Christ.  Let us look to the passion and presence of Jesus this coming Easter! 

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We invite you to any and all activities that interest you. We hope to meet your needs and nurture you in your journey of faith. Whether you are dropping by for a one-time visit, shopping around for a church home, or interested in becoming a member, we are willing to serve you.

Brief Description

We are a Christian Church in the PCUSA which means we are in the Reformed Tradition. Our distinctions include an emphasis on God's movement towards us, infant baptism, female ordination, and a government of elders. We are evangelical and believe the Bible to be the Word of God.